How do you mount your boards when you're done tinkering?

What do you guys use when you’re ready to take a project to the next level? I don’t want/need custom cases or anything.

I was thinking like a piece of wood and screw it down…I was gonna just throw a few washers between the screw holes and the wood so the back of the board doesn’t hit the wood…how do you do it?

Hey, I totally suck with enclosures for my projects. I usually go to the dollar store and buy a plastic box that fits my need and attach the board with adhésive velcro.
This one below is been running my garage opener for couple of years now. Not proud of it, but it does the job:

Good luck!

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I’m barbaric enough to leave things in breadboards. I’ve had my LED lighting running like that for the past three years, and it still works :wink: I’ve taped a piece of paper over the relay shield contacts to prevent easy access (mostly a mental blocker, not so much physical).
If you want to make it a bit nicer, 3D printing, or preferably laser cutting seem great options. The latter has worked great for me in the past :smile:

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@srfnmnk - I take a walk down the electrical aisle of the nearest home improvement store. There is a variety of plastic boxes for home wiring that can be used as project enclosures including weather proof ones. I suggest that you make sure the status LED is still visible for troubleshooting or you can remote mount a RGB LED outside the box. See onChange(handler)in the docs. You may want to add an external antenna if the box will be placed in the outdoors. Use stranded wires if you need to connect sensors or relays to the board. They are more flexible and less prone to breaking than solid wires. Good luck!

@srfnmnk, I’m a little more picky. I transfer my projects to a permaproto board like this one from Adafruit and I used headers for the Photon. I tend to connectorize my projects using JST or just female/male header pins. I have also used a Biscuit Board which is a semi permanent breadboard.

For boxes, I will shop around based on how fast I need them (local, DigiKey, Mouser, Aliexpress).