Argon will not fit on full size breadboard

Hi, I am new to micro controllers and electronics so I could use some help. I purchased a full size solderless breadboard from Amazon but my Argon will not fit into the holes. Can you recommend where I can get full size breadboards that are compatible with the Argon?


@Motley, can you provide a link to the unit you purchased on Amazon? Some breadboards are tighter than others and the ones provided by Particle in their kits have a “mid-range” tightness. However, there is usually no reason for the Argon not to “fit” in a typical breadboard.

Hi Peekay123,

Here is the link.

Thanks for the help!



Can you post a photo of your board and the Argon on it as you’d try to insert it?
Does it actually not fit or can you just not force it in?

If you have some header pins available I’d recommend inserting and removing them into the holes you want to put the Argon into so that you can loosen up the breadboard a bit.

Thanks, will give it a try.

Looking at that pic it sure shows the device does “fit” the pitch but the pins may be hard to push in - this is obviously a board with high insertion force (although the vendor doesn’t state which “rating” high/mid/low it is).

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Thanks ScruffR.

I am pushing pretty hard but don’t want to damage the Argon. The holes seem to be smaller than the half board that came with the Argon kit.



As long as you are pushing from the sides, and not applying force to the components in the center, the argon should be fine.

That’s the right pitch board, just don’t be afraid to apply pressure when pushing it down.

With all those pins it requires a decent amount of force to overcome the resistance of all the pins at once.

Pulling the Argon back up and out of the board will require some force also, I usually end up bending the back pins as I pull them back out and up at a backwards angle.

Sounds like your just trying to be extra careful which is good but if you just push down on the right and left side of the boards where the pins are you will cause no damage.

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Thanks Ryan!



I ordered a set of those boards, they arrived today.

Of all the breadboards I have, several dozen in various types and sizes, these have the highest insertion force I’ve ever seen. The Argon does go in but is next to impossible to push straight down. I had to rock it in, and even then couldn’t fully seat it without resorting to using the flat side of a screwdriver to push down on the pins. That’s definitely not a recommended procedure. Getting it out, I had to rock it out too.

All that said, it does go in, it definitely won’t fall out, and it should have really good electrical connection. :smile:

Thanks Joerg! I thought I was making a mistake.

I have ordered two boards from a different source.



I’ve played around with these breadboards some more and made the following observations.

  1. From the attached picture you can see that the contacts are very well made but the design is not best suited for header pins. Header pins are quit large, roughly 0.025" square, and would fit the pins more easily if they were twisted on the diagonal. The little wings on the contacts don’t have a lot of room before they touch the sides of the cavity they are in, and forcing the header pins actually starts to deform them.
  2. These boards are much better suited to discrete components, Leds, transistors, ICs, resistors, and capacitors, etc. They hold the components very firmly, and by the looks of the contacts, with good electrical conductivity. This is very useful for op-amp circuits where small signals combined with resistive sensitivity is often critical. I played around with all the above types of components and all are easily inserted and the board provides a nice firm grip on the leads.
  3. Wires of most common gauges are also quite firmly held, including the pre-terminated jumper wires found on our favourite online shopping websites, solid core telephone wires, and to my surprise even held onto 30 AWG wire-wrap wire, not that I recommend using that.

So for prototyping discrete circuits I think, IMHO, that these are quality breadboards. For that price I’ll add some more to my collection.

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Thanks Joerg! This rookie is a bit wider.


That explains it.

Those spings also give a little after use. I take a pin header and stuff it in there, wiggle it… break it in!