Particle M.2 SoM Evaluation Board Screw Mount

Just trying to set up a project using a Particle B524 series module. The datasheet provides the correct M.2 connector part link, however doesn't provide links to buy the M3 screw setup. The M3 screw and washer are easy to source, however the M3 standoff is proving quite hard.

I have the SoM evaluation board with the screw setup and want to just use this/something similar. The eagle files for the board just contain a 3.7mm screw hole and no link to the standoff part. Could anyone link me the part no. for this standoff?


The standoff on the M.2 eval board is a custom manufactured part and is not for sale.

There is a slightly different design in the M.2 SoM First Board example, the JAE SM3ZS067U410-NUT1-R1200, which also works well.

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