Duplicating Eval Board Functionality

Hi Particle,

I am trying to duplicate the connections/functionality of the Mode and Rest buttons, the RGB LED and the Micro USB connection off board of the M.2 eval board. Does this look viable?

All the hardware files for the M.2 board can be found in this Github repo. Also, there are two documents that are designed to help users get started using BSoM and creating their first BSoM boards.

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Thank you @erik.fasnacht Erik! I was on the Eseries where I deployed on the eval board and led wires out as I have to encase it in thermal epoxy for my usecase. So I’m not making a custom PCB I’m trying to do a similar build with the m.2 eval

You might also want to look at the Mikroe SoM Shield which may or may not be sufficient for your needs. It’s smaller and less expensive than the Particle M.2 eval board.

One thing to beware of: nRF52840 devices (Gen 3, B Series SoM) have significantly lower current drive than STM32 (Gen 2, E Series except E404X). The default is 2mA. In high drive mode, it’s 10 mA. It probably won’t be possible to drive a LED of any size from any GPIO without a transistor or other driver.

If you do use the Particle M.2 eval board, you shouldn’t connect USB power to VCC. I would probably connect an external USB connector 5V to a the VPOE pin, assuming you’re not also using PoE since it doesn’t look like VUSB is exposed.

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