B series Eval board: Current stock and next revision release date

Hi everyone!

I heard there will be a new version of the B series eval board, but I would like to use the dev board in a project soon. So I would like to know:

  • What is the current stock health for the eval boards? Are there plenty of boards available or is particle already low on stock?
  • What is the timeline for the new version?

Thanks in advance!!


There appear to be fewer than 89 units of the M.2 SoM evaluation board (version 1.2). It's not a high volume item, but I don't know the rate they normally sell at.

The expected release date for the updated M.2 eval board is not yet available.

Another option is the Mikroe M.2 SoM shield.

Hello @rickkas7

Can you let me know the current stock of the M.2 SoM evaluation board (version 1.2)?

I would like to asses if we need to order more for our project or not.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Work is in progress on the replacement for the M.2 SoM eval board, but I don't have a release date.

It looks like there are 14 in stock, which is surprising because I thought there were many more in stock than that. It is possible that a distributor purchased units.