Multiple Acces Point

We want create an mobile app using the spark,
There would be a way to configure several access point?
The idea is that if an access point does not work spark choose another one.
How do I set a connection using the cloud api or function?


You can add more Wifi profile by putting your core in listening mode (press MODE button for 4s)

I know there’s a priority list for the Wifi profile but not exactly sure how to list them in code.

The switch in Wifi profile only happens when the existing Wifi connection is dropped.

So this probably solves your problem as the core does the switch automatically.

Would be nice to hear from the :spark: team how selecting Wifi profile in code can be done!

I just discover this weekend that the Spark remembers previous WiFi profiles. Does anyone have a rough estimate for how many profiles a core can hold?

7 is the magic number :smiley:

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Hi @Sesapp

Can I close your other similar titled thread and just keep this one? OK?

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I don’t know yet how to set the configuration to the access point without use Tinker app or the spark web page.
isn’t there an API in order to do this?

If your question is how to add Wifi profile,

You can use 3 methods:

  1. Tinker mobile app

  2. TI Smart Config App

  3. via USB

You can probably program it using code but i’m not gonna give an answer for this since i haven’t done it :slight_smile:

Thanks, @bko - i just deleted it

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