How to make Spark knows about more then one wifi?

I going to make a project that i going to take with me to the office and home to friends etc.

Can i some how add more then one network to the spark to remember?

Hold down the MODE button for three seconds to put the Core into Smart Config mode to connect it to your local Wi-Fi network. The LED should start flashing blue.

As stated in the documentation. I thought I read somewhere it was able to remember 8 networks, so just put it into smart config mode and give it a try.

looks good but it is password on all networks so gues it not going to works

It should be able to record up to 8 networks including the SSID and the relative password: didn’t try myself, but that’s my understanding of the documentation.

Yup! Just throw the core back into listening mode, and configure another network over serial or smart config. The core will remember about 7 networks, and connect automatically when it can. :smile:


Great to know it can store up to 7 networks and connect automatically to them when they are in range.

I wonder what would happen if 2 of the programmed networks were visible at the same time?

I think the core will try to pick the one with the better signal strength, but I’m not 100% sure as this is logic internal to the CC3000 I believe. :slight_smile: