Networking options


I’ve been reading about Spark’s wifi options thanks to this great thread on the CC3000 module and SmartConfig but still have a few questions.

**Firstly:**if I want to create my own little interface for sending wifi credentials to the Spark Core, how would I do that ?
I tried to use both TI’s SmartConfig and George Hawkins’ java applet to send wifi credentials but neither worked and my
guess is at the moment I only tested on 802.11n networks. The strange thing though is the Spark Android app works just fine in the same setup. I’ve downloaded the source from github, but it seems to be missing a few classes, FirstTimeConfig being the main one. How can I access that class and compile the Android app ?

Secondly: After reading George Hawkins’ multiple posts on the CC3000 (and realizing I know nothing about WIFI :blush: ) I was wondering what options are there if I want to use an ad-hoc network as backup solution for simple projects. Let’s say I want to use the Spark to control electronics but want to control it though local WiFi (TcpClient on the Spark and a TCP server on a computer in the same network), can I do that ? I did manage to send wifi credentials via usb to an adhoc network, but the spark would try to reconnect to the Spark Cloud. I imagine I can call Spark.disconnect() and use Serial to pass a connect token which will call Spark.connect() again when needed. Are the any gotchas/dos/donts/best practices when doing something like this ?

Thank you,

Hi George,

Do you run a dual band WiFi network, with both networks having the same name? If this is the case, renaming the 5.8 GHz network helps with the SmartConfig