Any news regarding MOBILE SDK.

A mobile APP (Android :slight_smile: ) that would allow to easily drag components to catch and display results?
Having displays, power meter, temperature meter, time meter… some inputs like "text entry, number entry, boolean, radio button, slider, etc"
All of them calling the Spark API to obtain variable OR posting command.
Hey!!! that would be really really great.

At this time, I’m findind Spark Core, Spark API (cloud) and Spark Build totally Awesome.
Unfortunately, easily create a mobile App (for Android) to control my Core firmware is really cumbersome. Starting with the Android SDK to have a nice push button APP (or a bit more complex) is overkilling.
(May be did I miss something…).

If anyone does already know an easy way to do such task (and able to target my lovely Spark Core) without starting to learn the rule of thumb of Android development… I’m very very very interested :slight_smile:


Until such an SDK I would suggest you use MIT App Inventor. A few people (including me) have used is successfully with the Spark Core. A couple of people have even done forum posts about it!

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With our existing open source iOS and Android apps, you can see how we built Tinker and base your own apps off our work. However, we recognize that it takes significant work to strip out the existing colors, images, and main Tinker view and add in your own screens and functionality.

That’s why, as part of our roadmap for releasing the Photon in March 2015, we’re building mobile SDKs for iOS, Android, and PhoneGap. Our mobile team is already hard at work on them.

Every mobile app built on Spark OS and the Photon will require the Soft AP setup process, so we’re working out all the details, all the edge cases, and bundling that into our SDKs. When you build apps with the Spark mobile SDKs, you’ll get Soft AP for free.

Same goes for account creation and OAuth integration. Everyone needs it, so no one should have to build it. We’ve got you covered.

Additionally as you create your own screens and need to call your Spark.variables and Spark.functions on user input you’ll need a simple, idiomatic API in Objective-C, Java, and/or JavaScript. Again, if everybody needs it, then we want to take care of it for you.

The JavaScript interface is already available in sparkjs—that’s how you’ll access the Spark OS REST API from PhoneGap. Similar iOS and Android libraries are in progress.

We also are working on the easiest “getting started” process you can imagine. Specify your brand colors, some images, your terms of service and privacy policy in a simple file, run one command in your terminal, and boom—working iOS and Android apps that you can load on your phone, with Soft AP, account creation and login all baked in.

You can expect that these SDKs will be released when we start shipping Photons in March.


This is great News, now we are waiting for March. Wish you good luck Spark Team.

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I just try the link on “MIT App Inventor” and the first thing requested is an access to my Google Account! :-/
Result: Not tested (not acceptable wiithout a very good reason to do so).

Thank to this very valuable response about SparkJS and PhoneGap. :slight_smile:

Hi @zachary - any update on this, now that we’re close to the Photon release? Can we expect a mobile SDK next month?

We will definitely release the mobile SDKs when we start shipping Photons — the current estimate is the end of April (as emailed a couple weeks ago to the first 10k preorders). If we happen to have the mobile SDKs all ready to go beforehand, we’ll release it earlier, but of course it only really becomes useful when you have a Photon. :smile:

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Hi @zachary,

I can see that the SDK has been silently released. The demo part seems empty for now.

I am writing some stuff in XCODE using your Spark-SDK as a base to start with. I improved some minor issues on the SDK (a setter issue) and started implementing the basics of a demo app. Do you like/care/want pull requests on GitHub? What kind? For the demo app or for the SDK or for Both?

How can I help? I am writing this app anyway, why not make it useful for everyone?

I already sent a couple of requests. Let me know if they help or if I can change anything.

BTW: Why not use gitflow workflow for the repository?
I made my contributions thru a branch called ‘Develop’

update: made some good progress today.

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@frlobo you’re awesome! :smiley: Thanks for asking!

I presume you’re talking about the cocoapod, which is linked to the spark-sdk-ios repo.

Feel free to submit pull requests to that github repo! Thank you! Share share share!

Excelent! @zachary

I forked the spark-sdk-ios repo and started writing a demo app.

I did modified some minor stuff in the SDK. I added the ability to load a partial list of devices (That is… Devices without their variables and functions) so that the main list would load faster using one single call to get “devices” instead of also going thru each “device”. It was very slow. Once you press on a device it will load the full device. So in the SDK i added a property to SparkDevice named : (BOOL) partial and in the SparkCloud changed the getDevices method with one that asks if you want to load “total” or “partial” and once loaded it will set this variable accordingly so you will know if the object (model) is a partial model or a complete model.

The demo app that I am writing can now - login, list devices, see variables and variable values, and call methods. Code still a little messy but it is working.

I also submitted a Pull Request to the original repo. I did a branch named “develop” following the git flow workflow. So all changes are in that branch…

Feel free to use anything that might help!. And if you want me to focus on something special, let me know.

BTW: This is the link to my repo: