Eureka! Spark community success story

Just moments ago I put my first iPhone app on my phone! The app talks to a Spark Core (huge applause for Spark) doing some trivial sensor input and posting it with spark.variable. Its just a proof of life.

Thanks to the Spark team for various support answers, and to the generous contributors to the forum for patience with a new guy, and great help.

Spark, thanks again for a great product from end to end, and a great community willing to enable people like me to succeed.


Congrats @Bendrix, really glad to hear that you’re making solid progress on your project! Keep up the building!

Congratulations @Bendrix! Keep up the learning! I’m so happy that we can enable your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit!

Keep on building, and don’t hesitate to let us know how we can improve!

@Bendrix I would highly recommend using Ionic Framework to write iPhone/Android apps, rather than the much more complicated and harder-to-learn Swift/Java that Apple/Google give you.

It allows you to write native apps in HTML + Javascript. Their new playground lets you create test-apps in a browser, and you can use that code for the real thing afterwards.

Spark should really encourage developers to use it a quick way to prototype apps!

Jelden, Zach, thanks for the encouragement and for the great products to build on. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you in person when I come out for the Electron dev day Kickstarter reward.

As far as an IDE is concerned, I’ve found Swift really easy to learn, and the development environment makes building a good looking UI a breeze.

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Just got the Mobil SDK installed and running. Looks like a great tool for IOS app development. Thanks to @ido for putting this out there for us.

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