iCurl iOS app: HTTP GET and POST from your phone

Hello everyone,

I moved to Spark core after getting my hands and feet wet with Arduino and alike. So far, I have found Spark core to be great! Writing the core firmware is not too different. With new libraries being added added everyday, it’s becoming easier than ever. However, it’s the web side of things is what I found intimidating. I have no clue about Javascript, JSON…I could make HTTP GET and POST requests to Spark API (thanks to the excellent examples) using a terminal on mac or cURL on windows.

But, that didn’t stop me from making my first Spark project (Spark Controlled Outlet Switches). The hardware worked but the control was limited through cURL. So, I needed a computer to be able to turn on my patio lights. Beats, the purpose, right? Remote Spark by @BDub is excellant. I forked it. It worked on my computer but not my iPhone after I uploaded the files to dropbox. That’s when I found this wonderful app, [iCurl][1], for my iPhone which makes HTTP POST and GET requests much like the way you would use a terminal to interact with Spark API. I took upon to write this visual tutorial in hopes that it may inspire newbies to interact with spark core through the phone. Hope you like it.

Reading variables with HTTP GET

Access functions with HTTP POST

Load saved sessions

HTTP response



Very nice, thanks for sharing! :smile: I don’t have an iPhone - is an Android version in the works?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure. Happy to help. I am afraid I don’t see an Andriod version or plans for building one on their website. Perhaps there is something similar available.

Hey there.

Is there allsow an HTTP Request Widget app for IPad?
Would be realy nice.

Depending on what you’d want to use it for, you might be able to use the Particle app directly. What are your goals?