Misconfigured core; unable to regain control...?

Downloaded the Android app.
Opened the box.
Applied power to the core.
Launched the Android app.
Created an account with a typo’d email address (didn’t realize it was bogus!)
Brought the core onto home wi-fi successfully: it now “breathes cyan”, attached to spark cloud.
Tinker app thinks [bogus email address] is the rightful owner of the core.

Then I realize the account’s name is a typo.
Log out of app; log back in using a 2nd newly created account, this time with correctly-spelled email address.

Problem: unable to reset core and “reown it” under new account.

When I do a reset to factory state, it ends up flashing blue (as expected).
Logged into app under new (correct account), it’s unable to bring it onto the same wifi network – app eventually times out.
Eventually – somehow – the core finds the wi-fi anyway (!?) and ends up breathing cyan again!

It’s as if the spark cloud found it, and gave it an identity, rather than my android app…?

I’m really confused and unsure what to do now. I just want to recapture it under my 2nd account (and/or release it from the 1st account).

Hey @bcollsuss - can you email us at hello@spark.io with the old and new email address? We can fix this behind the scenes.

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