Make to Photon boards talk each other

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a small project where different Photon boards can communicate each other. I would like to create a network of 4 Photon boards that are able to talk and to identify how far the boards are among them. Imagine that I have board1 and board2. Board1 is close to board2, but if board2 moves away (some meters) from board1 a led blinks and if board2 gets back into the range, the led blinks twice. Is it possible doing so by using Wifi addresses? Or do I need to use external sensors?


@edo, your photons will be connecting to a common Access Point (aka router), not to each other. Using wifi RSSI to gauge distance to an AP is neither reliable nor very workable. These are not like Bluetooth beacon devices. As such, you will need an external sensor of some kind. If you search this forum, I believe the topic of gauging distance with wifi has been discussed before. :smiley:

Perhaps the Redbear Duos would make for a suitable alternative with their Bluetooth/wifi combo, while staying on the Particle platform :smile:

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Thanks for your quick replies! Then, if I want to make two boards “interact/talk” each other is it better bluetooth than rfid tags? I already have Photon boards and I would like to keep using this boards and buy some external component to add on

If you want to use Bluetooth LE with a standard Photon, I’ve successfully used the [Adafruit Bluefruit LE SPI friend] ( board. I ported the driver and it’s in the community libraries.