Photon and RedBearLab Bluetooth Compatible?

Hi there, I’m very new to how the Particle Photon works; I am used to the Arduino setup so I’m not sure if the Photon can be used the same way with Arduino sensors. My goal is to have the Photon constantly listening for specific Bluetooth device ID’s and based on the strength of the signal (and the devices are not connected, the Photon is just scanning) will turn on or off a Hue smart-bulb over Wi-Fi.

The sensor that I am trying to use is the RedBearLab BLE Nano - nRF51822 (Information about it here) with the Photon. I am expecting to use the available Arduino library available here. Is it possible to connect these two devices together? Is there a better solution for the Bluetooth module?

Let me know if I need to clarify anything, thanks!

You usually can use the samw sensors as on Arduino as long you are considering the 3.3V on Photon vs. 5V on Arduino.
Your particular sensor should not be a problem there.
You might have to consider that WiFi and Bluetooth/BLE use the 2.4GHz band, so you might get rare inteferences.

When you ask for a “better” module, the upcoming RedBear Duo might be interesting.
It has both radios on board and is “Particle powered”


If ble is all you need check out the Bluz…about to ship!
You can get the Bluz gateway for Wifi + BLE as well.


I think the Duo might be the way to go then, thanks!

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Hi, would that be expected to be able to use Duo for gateway of 8x Bluz? I know it is possible to have Duo as gateway to BLE nano/ micro, but Bluz would be nice on the mix as we can keep the major pin out and form factor of Photon/ Electron/ Duo, to form nice family.

That would be a question to ask on

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