Bluetooth smart connection with photon

Hi, i would like to start a project in which a bluetooth device (in my case, an emotiv neuroheadset could be connected to a photon device in order to transfer the sampled signals to it, and then process them. Does any of you experts know a bluetooth shield i could use with photon for this purpose? thanks

You could look into using Bluz or Redbear Duo, both working on the particle ecosystem and both offering Bluetooth capabilities.

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Hi @Moors7, thanks for your answer … bluz was my first option, but it not suitable, since its is a BLE peripheral, and not a central … thanks

The gateway does act as a central, well… Gateway. Is has onboard wifi, allowing you to connect your Bluetooth devices to the Internet via it.

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… yes, you are right. the Gateway could be a valid option. thanks @Moors7!

Great suggestion @Moors7! Let us know @fbt if this works out for you.

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