Photon iPhone control via Bluetooth?

Hello. I have a photon, and I need to use it for a project where I need to control something inside a car. So there is no wifi router and Bluetooth is probably my best bet if I don’t want to get into adhoc wifi networks. I cannot run a wire to it so it needs to be wireless in some form.

What do I need to buy to be able to control the photon using Bluetooth? Moreover, I know that iOS is more difficult in support compared to Android, so I need something that can work with iPhone.

Check out these breakout boards from Adafruit. Choose your connection method, UART or SPI.

Alternatively, you may want to use an Electron so that you can still use simple pub/sub methods using the particle cloud. It may speed your development time depending on your needs.

If you can replace the Photon with a Bluz, then you can talk to it directly over BLE and take advantage of the same Particle features.