Simple Android app to turn on neopixel using Bluetooth

Hello, all
I want to put flashing lights on top of my daughter’s pinewood derby car so I thought I would make a simple app to run on my Android phone that connects to my Photon using Bluetooth (don’t know if wifi will be available in the race location).

Is there an example app that maybe I can modify?


There’s no bluetooth on the Photon… A Redbear Duo does have both, and Bluz has BLE only. Or are you using a separate module?

You could set up a mobile hotspot with your phone?

Are you trying to turn on/off the flashing lights connected to your photon with your app? Why app instead of a simple push button? Just curious.

It’s been a while since I played with it. I forgot it doesn’t have Bluetooth. Mobile hotspot is probably the way to go. Thanks.

I want to turn light on and off from across the room when the car is moving so a push button is not going to work.

The best way I think is to use the mobile hotspot like you mentioned. Regarding controlling via your android phone you could use a webpage with action buttons or build an app.

Webpage would be quick and easy. There are some good examples on how to control your device thru a webpage in this forum. I have personally modified the example in this post, placed those files in my SD card and used it to control my devices.

If you want to develop an android app, I would recommend MIT App Inventor or Tasker unless you are an expert app developer already. Tasker is my fav.

On Android you could use Blynk - drag and drop widgets onto your project screen, and minimum coding on the Particle device too.

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