Android --> Photon --> Neopixel

Ahoi hoi.

Ive just recieved my Particle Photon and i am playing around with the Android app and functions to remote control simple leds. I was thinking, would this tiny board be able to run a webserver? My goal is this:

Is the goal to control LEDs wirelessly, or to use that specific project?
The former is most definitely possible, and the latter probably too, though you’ll have to port the respective libraries over to the Particle ecosystem I suspect (haven’t looked into the code, so don’t pin me on this).

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: Wireless would be just fine

Then have a look around the forums, as well as the Particle hackster page. Plenty of neopixel projects to be found :wink:

Dont forget to have an eye to Blynk: control your lights via Smartphone.
Have fun with your project!

Great! Thanks guys