Android LED controling app


is there an android app through i can control my LEDs? I use WS2812B LED strip and Photon.


Hey @HexaGT, thanks for posting!

You have a couple of options here:

  1. Use the built-in Tinker app ( and control the GPIOs using the Particle Mobile App. This is pretty easy with simple LEDs, but likely not possible with W22812Bs

  2. Build a quick and dirty mobile app using a tool like NativeScript and the Particle NativeScript Plugin. I wrote a blog post on this a while back that might help you get started. @jaredwolff also wrote a comprehensive post in January that’s worth checking out.

Good luck and let me know if you need any additional help!


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Another option would be to use Blynk.
Here’s their getting started page:

Good luck!

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