Turn ON/OFF WIFI with button and work via bluetooth?

Hello everyone,
I have a doubt I have a photon particle with a bluetooth HC-05 to the serial port. My doubt:
It is possible to off / on the WIFI with a button in a digital input and that the program works normally without cloud The problem is when it does not connect to WIFI the bluetooth does not work well

do you have a red bear duo device or a photon device?

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Have a look at system modes and system threading in the docs. That’s most likely what you’re looking for.

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@dkryder, you are most likely running in SYSTEM_AUTOMATIC mode which will prevent your code from running until a Particle Cloud connection is made. Is this the case?


photon particle

something like this, I can not use the bluetooth if my wifi does not have good connection, so I will turn it off and send data by bluetooth and then turn it on again.