Connecting 2 particle boards to communicate with one another

Are there any examples connecting 2 particle boards to communicate with one another? What is the best board for me to purchase for doing this? Thank you, Steve

Are you wanting them wired, or wireless? Wired I would go with serial, wireless look into the Particle.publish and Particle.subscribe.

Check for examples of code.


Wireless via bluetooth.

Welcome @sesteve,

More information please… you can’t give too much information when asking for this kind of advice. What Particle devices are you working with? Or do you want a recommendation for that as well? If using the new Generation 3 Mesh devices, they all have a built-in bluetooth radio but the API for using the bluetooth hasn’t been released yet. There should be another release soon enabling that functionality in user code… but I’m not sure how that new API would fulfill your use case. If you’re willing to look at bluetooth alternatives, the Mesh devices have a dedicated Mesh network over which they can communication with other mesh devices on the same mesh network. If you are specifically requiring bluetooth, then you have to wait for more details on the mesh bluetooth API, or source external bluetooth hardware.

If you can’t wait for the Mesh bluetooth release, then you have to source additional hardware such as the Adafruit Bluefruit board. Any Particle device would be able to communicate with the bluefruit board via UART. There are many examples on the Adafruit site but I’m not sure if they enable device to device communication.

The Generation 2 hardware (Photon, Electron, P1, P0, E-series, etc.) do not have built-in bluetooth. You would have to source a external bluetooth radios (such as the bluefruit board).