How well do Particle Mesh devices work together with existing Photons, Core and Electron?

I am using 10 existing Photons in my home and want to extend my project to the outside (Garden etc)

How will Particle Mesh devices work together with these existing Photons?

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Since Gen1/2 devices have no bluetooth support they won’t be (easily) incorporated in the mesh, but they will still be able to communicate via the cloud with Gen3 devices just as you’d do it now between Gen1/2s.


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@ScruffR is correct, previous generation hardware does not include the radio for mesh networking that enables local communication - namely 802.15.4. However, they all use the same Device Cloud, so cloud primitives that you’re use to like particle.publish() & particle.subscribe() will work and will liekly be the simplest way for say Photons to talk to Xenons over the cloud.

So in your garden example, you can add a bunch of Xenons to measure moisture, temp, etc. and at least one Gateway, like an Argon. The Argon will publish data coming off the Xenons to the Device Cloud. From there, your existing Photons could be listening for those publish events and respond accordingly.

Of course, your application may be different but that’s the general idea!


Thanks @ScruffR and @jberi for your quick and clear reply!
Can we already find more detailed specs like pinout diagram etc…?

Unfortunately, detailed specs are not ready to share. We’ll make them available as soon as we have something!