Can i connect Xenon and Photon

I came to know that as of now Xenon has Bluetooth capabilities, at initial launch, it will not function as a standalone Bluetooth development kit (yet). Can we connect Xenon and Photon.

Not exactly sure where this question is going.

All mesh devices have Bluetooth onboard, though support will be limited to initial setup at launch, with further functionality coming after launch.

Connecting a xenon with a photon? Not sure what you mean by this, nor how it relates to the xenon (not) having bluetooth, since the Photon doesn’t have Bluetooth.


The Xenon and Photon will be able to communicate through the Particle Cloud providing that the Xenon has a gateway to connect through or is using the Ethernet shield for direct network access. It may be possible to communicate between the Photon and Xenon using UDP or TCP but it’s not as easy as a Particle.publish() call and the mesh docs haven’t been published yet.

As @Moors7 said, if you’re talking strictly Bluetooth, then the Photon doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in.


Xenon can act as repeater, can’t it? So does our photons will connect to this mesh network?

Seeing as mesh is using an entirely different technology (which the photon doesn’t have), no, you can’t connect your non-mesh Photon to a mesh network.

We thought so but need to confirm as we are already released products with photons and electrons. We need to replace photons/electrons if we want to make a mesh network with the released products.

Thanks for the info!