Looking for Developer(s)

I need a Developer familiar with the Spark to help create a product.

I there are three aspects to this:

First of all, I need someone to write the code for the Photon. Secondly I need someone to write the code for the cloud aspects of the project. If you have the skill set to work on all the software dev that’s ideal, but if you can only do part it might work too. Finally, we tie this all together into a new compact board.

For the first part it’s best described by this project: Mail box monitoring ... in an apartment building. Though, I am looking for a more complex monitoring scheme, and the ability to trigger a relay or two.

The second part is for when the user logs into the Web App they see their, “mailbox (represented by each spark)”. And by clicking on it they see all their consumable data.

Finally, we design and manufacture our own PCB using the P1 Module.


As the comment says in the original thread - have you tested how well this will work from a purely RF standpoint, before you (or someone else) writes a line of code ? All mailboxes I am familiar with are metal boxes, and that will severely limit (if not cripple) the RF performance.

Since you’re talking about a product, “yeah, it works for my mailbox” is not really an adequate answer - you need to solve the general case.

Not wishing to rain on your parade, but I’d hate to see you spend a bunch of time and effort, only to hit an RF problem.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. But questions and responses can help everyone pare down the requirements.

The general idea of the original post is a mailbox monitoring, which is similar to what I am looking for. However, I am not as concerned about signal attenuation as the original thread was, I can locate the unit external to a metal box, or I can add an external antenna without compromising the project.


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As long as you’ve considered it, I’ll crawl back under my rock.

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