LiIon Batteries supply


I am working on a product that needs a different footprint than the square battery that ships with the Electron (2200mah).

I need a circular form for a more portable design.

if someone has a good place where I can order small 2000 mah batteries with different shapes, it would be great!

I know Sparkfun has some approx AA size 2600mAh ones.

You are correct:

Can this be used with the electron power manager?

Does this means that one single cell of this (AA like), are equivalent to a LiPoly like the ones shipped with the electron kit?

That cell chemistry should work (says without really testing them). My only concern is the 300 charge cycle limit on them. The other thing to look out for is that the Electron’s battery comes with a short circuit detect and shut-off circuit to help protect the battery - I don’t see one on these.


The 300 cycle is a bummer!! Need that same size with more cycles…

Will keep looking.