Particle Store Fulfillment - Need an order quick!


I’m in California and I need a half dozen of the PKCell LiPo batteries that come with the Electron. But, i need them by Tuesday (6/26)!! Does anyone know if the Particle Store can fulfill my order and get me the batts by my deadline? Any other ideas?


Adafruit is out of the 2000mAh cells but does have the 2500mAh version of the cell in stock and I think they should be able to overnight them to you if your willing to pay the cost.

I’m sure others places may carry these also.


I believe not. The items are shipped from Indiana, not California, and Lithium batteries alone, not included within a product, cannot be shipped by air. That’s an IATA rule that applies to everyone, not just a Particle policy.


Maybe there is a store nearby that @wineisgud4u could go pick up batteries from. I don’t know if @wineisgud4u could get the batteries in time if they are shipped.

Tenergy is based out of Fremont California.

They carry Lithium batteries with Protection Circuits that will work.

If you have a local Frys Electronics they usually stock some batteries like this also.

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Most good local RC hobby stores carry single cell’s for people to make their own packs. They also cary make different style pig tail connectors as well.

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Thank you to everyone for the great suggestions!!!

I’m going to see if i can get the batts from either Adafruit or AllBattery. Worst case I’ll just order Electron kits. It never hurt to have a extra devices lying around.


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Tenergy Battery in Fremont really impressed me today. They made me 6 battery packs today and i’m able to pick them up this afternoon. I think that’s pretty great service!



Yea, went a picked up some batteries from them when I was living out there and it’s a really nice large building.

Glad this recommendation helped you out and glad they could help you so quickly.