[SOLVED ]Using a larger Li-Po battery with the electron

Hey all,

I’m hoping to extend the battery life of my electron between charges.
I found this on sparkfun.

Can I just plug it into the electron instead of the 2000 mah battery it came with without issues?
If I do, will it be able to fully charge etc through the electron like normal (but take longer than the 2000mah one)?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

I’m not an EE by training so I’m just sort of fumbling through projects and learning as I go. I know LiPo batteries can be dangerous if chosen wrong etc so I’m trying to play everything safe and double check with those in the know.



Hey all,
In case anyone sees this later and is hoping for an answer–you should be good to go.
Just got this reply from sparkfun customer service:

Hello Brett,
Thank you for contacting us! From what I can tell, yes, PRT-13856 should work with the Electron. The connectors look to be the same JST-PH, and they are both 3.7V LiPos. A charger that works for two otherwise-identical batteries differing only in capacity (2000mAh vs 6000mAh) will still work; it will just take much longer to charge. For example, if your charger outputs 1000mAh and your battery is theoretically at 0V, it would take 2 hours to charge a 2000mAh battery and 6 to charge a 6000mAh battery.