Replace Particle Electron Battery

I would like to increase the battery capacity of my electron. I found the following on amazon:

I just want to make sure it is compatible with the Electron. I will be purchasing a JST connector as well

On the surface, it appears to have the correct chemistry and voltage. But did you see some of those reviews? Swollen batteries and mislabeled capacities… yikes! There’s no way to guarantee its compatibility from a source like that. If you have the space, you could try this Adafruit offering for only $29.50:

If you don’t like the additional cost, you could argue that it already has the appropriate JST connector saving you time and money. If you don’t have the space, well, there’s not much to do about that.

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I’ve used many similar lipo’s from Uxcell, ranging from 5aH to 10aH (sample link).
However, you must check the polarity on the JST Connector as soon as you receive them, as some manufacturers are swapped. It’s easy to correct, but it’s exciting if you dont.

The battery Ninjatill linked to is a much better battery though :wink:

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