Learning to write libraries in C/C++

I’m hoping someone with C/C++ experience can lend me some advice. I would like to get to a point where I’m able to look at a datasheet (for a sensor, driver, etc.) and write a library for it and I’m not quite sure where to start.
While I have experience with dynamic/runtime based programing languages (JS, Python), I am somewhere between beginner and intermediate in the world of C++ and have no experience with pure C. Do I need a firm grasp of C, or can I stick with C++? Am I looking at a “embedded programming” learning path? Is there a good book or online course for such C/C++ that anyone can recommend?
Thanks in advance.

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I’d stick with C++. I haven’t seen the need for pure C for writing a new library. However, if you want to port a library that comes in C it’s handy to understand what’s going on.
But when you are adept in C++, “forgetting” about the additional features that come with it, is way easier than it is for a pure C programmer to wrap ones head around the “new” concepts :wink: