Using C language with Particle Photon

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I hope this the correct category to ask the following question:

It is possible to code with C ?
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Absolutely. A lot of the code I’ve seen on the forum is in C, though most libraries are written in C++. So, if you’re using a library, you do need to at least understand basic C++.

Just remember C++ is a superset of C, so nearly all C code will work in C++ just fine.
But a Ric states if you want to use libraries you need to have an idea of how C++ objects work as you will often need to create new ones in order to use them.

If you can code in C then I would recommend a few basic only courses on C++ and you should be fine, I can’t recommend any as I learnt C++ in class.

Thank you Rick for your answer

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Thank you AdmiralTH for your answer.

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