Programming in C

Hey there everyone,
Does anybody know how to write code and then “flash” it into the core in the C language?
(Assembly would be great too…)
Thanks allot in advance ,

Check out the readme here @guyavrah :smile:

And if you want to start messing with assembly, I’ll have some example in the near future… but you can brush up on ARM assembly here:


@BDub First off all THANKS ALLOT !! Another thing is: As it says in:
"What to edit and what not to edit?

The main user code sits in the application.cpp file under core-firmware/src/ folder. Unless you know what you are doing, refrain yourself from making changes to any other files."

If I understood correctly it gives me the ability to write C++ code ? cause my desire is to write “pure c low level code” and then “upload” it into the microcontroller…
What have I missed here ?
Really appreciate your reply ,
Thanks allot ,

If you want to write a high level arduino compatible C/C++ program, you just put all of that code into the application.cpp file, either locally or through the Sparkulator.

If you want to write a low level STM32 C/C++ program, you just rip the warranty void if removed sticker off and start hacking on any file that you want :wink: