KiCad symbols and footprints

All of my PCB design to date has been via Fritzing. I’m thinking of moving to something “more robust” such as KiCad. There are many more parts available (I think) in KiCad and I’m led to believe it’s a more thorough tool. However, I haven’t found symbols or footprints for Particle Argon and Boron and they’ll charge me $29 to develop each. I might take a stab at one of them, as it doesn’t appear too difficult. I’d be interested in thoughts about KiCad vs Fritzing. I also realize this may be very much a personal preference issue.

Have you considered Eagle?
It integrates well with Fusion 360 (which now also features electronic design capabilities).

Hi @ScruffR , I had looked at it briefly, but wasn’t prepared to pay the subscription fee for my needs. I’m under the impression it’s free, but only if the PCB real estate is quite small (smaller than my needs). Otherwise, I believe it would be the most popular platform.

I didn’t realize fritzing can make PCB files.
I use KiCAD for all my artwork, but with today’s software the CAD tool doesn’t matter. Experience in developing PCBs is what makes a difference.
As you said, the model is not difficult and it’s not the time consuming part. You still have to add your circuitry.
I am working on a feather board and I can send you the files.
Depending on how you plan to fabricate the PCB, can take the KiCAD file (and others too) and simplify the rest of the process.

I’m still just getting through some tutorials and youtube videos on KiCad. It was initially not very intuitive for me and I almost gave up until I ran into a couple of youtube videos that clarified how you work in the application(s).

I’ve had most of my PCBs (a couple dozen designs) all made by seeedstudio. Their price is ridiculously low and the quality has been very good–no surprises or disappointments. I’d like to use a domestic supplier, not not when the cost is 5-10x. My primary customer also prefers black PCBs.

I’m not unhappy with Fritzing, but simply thought there may be a “better” tool for my PCB design efforts.

I appreciate your thoughts!

Kicad is all you need.

I learnt how to use Kicad from these tutorials.

He also host forum for excellent Kicad support.

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@RWB , Thanks for your feedback. The more I twiddle with KiCad, the more impressed I am.

I’m assuming it’s easy to design PCB with various shapes. Still lots to learn!

There are quite a few “feather” footprints out there for KiCad that will work with Argon/Boron – here is the one I’m using:

Here is an example design using it:

@cbrake, thanks for the share! I believe I’ve already created a symbol and footprint for the Argon, but seemed to have done something wrong when I was trying to clean up and reorganize files. It’s a whole lot easier than I thought to create new components.