KiCad libraries for particle devices?

I see what look to be officially maintained Eagle libraries on github. Do there happen to be KiCad libraries maintained anywhere as well?


You can find the Kicad versions on

You can also convert eagle files to Kicad versions on also.

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I looked there, but don’t seem to find the Boron, for example. Any suggestions as to where symbols and footprints are for the Boron? I am new to particle devices and thought them to be Open Source friendly.

Since the Particle Mesh devices use the Adafruit Feather form factor, you may be able to use or adapt a Feather device, e.g., the Adafruit Feather HUZZAH. Looks like it can be found in the official KiCad 5 libraries and on SnapEDA.

There was discussion of a Particle releasing Eagle part (which could be converted to KiCad) in the Particle Mesh Schematics thread.

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If it helps anyone else, I created a KiCad Boron symbol myself. I tried to upload it to snapeda and also posted it to github:

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