Eagle library for Boron footprint?

Is there an eagle lbr for the Boron, Argon, … footprints?

I need to build a Boron Carrier board and could not find it in the eagle lbrs in the github repo.

Are people just using the feather footprint, if so, which one ?


I used the Adafruit Library from GitHub (Below) use the “featherwing”

The Featherwing library part works mechanically, but are there any keepout areas for Argon (like for Photon)? Also, the Featherwing pinout names do not correspond to Particle 3rd Gen products, so it would be nice to have a Particle specific Eagle library part(s).

The Particle-Devices.lbr file contains the Argon, Boron, and Xenon. It has the Particle pin names and the appropriate keep-out area.

If you are using an Argon or Boron standalone, not using Thread mesh or BLE, or are using an external Bluetooth/mesh antenna, then you can place items in the keepout area.

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