Looking for PCB designer

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I’m looking for someone who can design a PCB based on the xenon with a few other components. I know Eagle is available, but I need to a few built soon and don’t have time to learn Eagle right now. Message me if you’re interested.


Hi @Mjones -

I faced this same problem couple of months back and went through many applications. I found Eagle to be the quickest to learn by far and it has a limited free version.

Another benefit is that it can sync with Fusion 360, allowing you to render a 3D model of your PCB into a 3D model in fusion. Here is a link to something I did as my very first project, learning Rhinoceros 3D and Eagle at the same time - LINK

Also, it runs on MAC :slight_smile:

After this project I invested some time to learn more about Eagle and Fusion. If you plan to do this more often, I would strongly suggest this, there are some very easy to follow Youtube videos. A very good alternative is Altium, but it is way more expensive.

Hope this helps!!



I have used the pcbexpress software to design my PCB then made my own using muriatic acid. Almost no learning curve for the software.


I have a guy I use on freelancer.com. I now use him for all my hardware designs. He’s prompt, knowledgeable and great value. I strongly recommend him:. https://m.freelancer.com/u/zarnescugeorge

We’ve done P1, photon and electron projects together. Mention I sent you.