Custom PCB board

Hopefully this is in the correct section…

I have been lurking for some time and using the particle boron for my company’s recent project, but our prototypes are getting close enough to production to need to start designing our own project to make it viable.

I found the design files for the boron 1.0, but the board libraries are proving difficult to find, and I also don’t want to be designing on an old version if things have changed significantly from the version I am currently using.

I was hoping that someone may have the updated board files and libraries that they could share with me, as well as any helpful tips or tricks in this journey. I have not seen any real attempts in detail like this posted elsewhere, but if there are similar projects I would appreciate the pointers.

Looking forward to getting this project rolling!

Do you mean you want to replicate a Boron on your own PCB or merely plug a stock Boron into your PCB?
If you want to go for the former you won’t be able to use your device with the Particle cloud as they won’t be provisioned for the cloud.
If it’s the latter, then it won’t make any difference which HW version Boron you use as the external characteristics will be unchanged.

If you don’t want to use the Feather form factor in your design the way to go would be using the B-SoM and use a M.2 connector on your PCB.

Correct. My intention was to attempt to replicate a Boron on my own PCB. The reason for this is the ability to mass-produce the devices as cost-effectively as possible (Our product won’t be commercially viable at the current price-point).

I assumed the cloud would not work since there would obviously be no express or implied warranty, though my background is more in the circuitry side and the web development side, so it would be quite a steep learning curve on the API side…

We don’t use any of the cloud features currently except a websocket to Azure and Ubidots (switching to our own program once completed). I’m curious if this is even feasible to accomplish? I’ll admit I have no idea how one would go about this…