Just got Particle. LED won't stop blinking after connection

It’s been about 30 minutes. Particle won’t stop blinking after it connected to wifi. It’s more like pulsing than blinking, i.e. a very slow blink.

And the LED looks blue green, not purple like the instructions specified.
The app identifies the device, but says Tinker is not installed. It gives an option to flash Tinker onto the board. But I am hesitant to do so because that is not specified in the instructions

What is going on?

Any tips to resolve or start over?

This is called “breathing” and it’s normal. Go ahead and install Tinker so you can get acquainted with the little guy.

Just for completeness, it’s the “connected mode”, as describe sin the guide section of the docs, over here:

Hi guys. Thanks for the response.

The confusion was because the Getting Started guide said it would flash purple once connected for the first time, and so I was waiting for that before I read further in the guide that would explain the different states.