Photon blinking blue again and again

Hi !

I received my Photon today, WOOHOO :smiley:
When I plugged it into my computer, blinking blue. Great !! :smile:
Next, I’ve entered my wifi credentials, and then blinking green… again… and again… and again… :sleepy:

I installed particle-cli but the device is not detected… :scream:
I did nothing else, because I don’t now what to do :worried: What can I do to get it working ??

Sorry, I’m french and I have a bad english, but thanks in advance :grin:

EDIT: I find how to reset it, now it is blinking blue, yeah :smile:
But when I enter my wifi credentials, blinking green 2 seconds and back to blue… Why ??

That usually happens to me when I didn’t enter the WiFi credentials correctly. Make sure you’re entering them correctly (I know, duh) and the other thing you might watch out for is if you enabled something like MAC filtering on your router.

I changed channel of my Wifi router to 10 (before 1) and I retyped the Wifi credentials ten times or more, and now, that’s OK :grinning:

Thanks :blush:

EDIT: Why with the Particle App my Photon says “non-tinker” ?


Tinker is the factory firmware that’s on your Photon. It’ll allow you to do all basic pin functionalities easily. Once you’ve programmed your Photon with your own code (which hasn’t got the specific Tinker code incorporated), you won’t be able to request those functions from the app anymore. If you do a factory reset, Tinker will be restored. You can also reflash it from the Web IDE like any other code.

Oh ok, I understand now. Thank you, it’s working :smile:

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