Its hot in Germany - to hot to open an brand new photon serial port?

Today wanted to start a new photon: delivered with v0.5.2 it has itself as expected automatically updated to v0.6.2.
Have a Serial-Sketch flasht and TeraTerm / Putty / particle serial monitor - also follow the port10 open: the terminal programs, however, are frozen one by one and did not output any output on the serial monitor.

Can someone understand?

Can you double check the cable and port?
Also does the device disappear from DevMgr when you unplug it and reappear when you plug it back in?
What does the RGB LED do?


The good news in advance: the weather is still hot and I have put my feet in the cold water.
Well, 3 micro-USB cables later, I am pleased with the fact that the device manager has always reacted and so I have tried my versatile USB ports available on the PC. The result is sobering: my blue USB ports do not work (as it turns out, there are USB3.0 ports) and my orange USB2.0 ports work right away.
With my comfortably available USB ports on the PC front are blue and therefore only work with an Arduino, but not with the Photon device.

So I am the improvement suggestion to make the USB port 3.0 suitable. Thx ScruffR!

I advise to adjust the Docs (at least I have found no indication to it immediately that only USB2.0 is supported).


@Postler, I have some Photons working off a USB3.0 hub so I’m not sure this is universal. If anything there should be a warning that USB3.0 ports might not work. :wink:


I will tell you briefly of my test after purchasing a USB 3.0 HUB in extension of the (not working) front USB3.0 port on my Windows PC: it works! The photon is recognized with the message “Serial monitor opened successfully” and put out information on the serial port.

I therefore advise to use a HUB, which should be synonymous with an over-voltage the PC should not be affected.

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