Issues linking Boron

Hello all! Hope your day is going well. I have a boron.

  1. I received my device and successfully connected to particle cloud and my account.
  2. Ran a sample code that was successful.
  3. Few hours later, green light flashing (searching for signal)
  4. Testing boron in different locations with no luck.
  5. Try resetting and deleting device from account.
  6. Successful connecting but error after Mesh/No mesh prompt on setup screen. Error:“Device in invalid state, please reset and start again.”
  7. Reset and receive same error message
  8. Reflash boron with hybrid-0.8.0-rc.27-boron.bin successfully, but still receiving same error after Mesh/No mesh prompt.
  9. Try previous steps again but with different selection on Mesh/ No mesh screen, and reseting.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is currently unusable for me!
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