Issues adding libraries to projects on Desktop IDE

Hi, I seem to be having problems in adding libraries to an existing project using the desktop IDE.

After finding the library I’d like to include, I click the ‘Use’ button, but rather than being offered the option to include or copy the libraries to my project, the IDE just starts a new Project. Am I missing something? Photos included.

To use a library in a project you first need to have a project to add it to.
The behaviour you’re seeing is expected as long you haven’t got a proper project selected.


Thanks for getting back to me. I do have a project, and added code to the main .ino file. It shows itself in the directory as well as shown in the screenshot attached.

But your Dev is positioned at ./Projects.
In order to have it function propperly you need to have ./Projects/egg./firmware/eggproject/egg as your base directory.
The selected directory is irrelevant, you need to File - Open Folder... the actual project folder.

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Sure! Sorry that makes complete sense, it’s now working great. Thanks for your help.


I have exact same problem. Just trying to use Blynk for a simple app. Both the desktop and web ide get compile errors with following include line:

#include Blynk/Blynk.h

My confusion is shouldn’t the web ide just use library files from the cloud already in the correct file structure. I thought the point of a web IDE was to avoid all these complex library structure. So non computer weanies like me could do this stuff.

I’m going to try the "file open “my project” suggestion above. But still confused on where to put libraries and how to put links in my project properties file.

The used library structure has changed a while ago.
So in order to use a library in a project both need to use a consistent structure for both lib & project.
You cannot use v1.0 libs in v2.0 projects and vice versa.
And to add some spice to that the project version is tied to the system firmware version you are targeting.

So I’d suggest you opt for the most recent system version which uses v2.0 for both and then you’d use #include "Blynk.h"

Wow sure does sound complicated for an everyday non programmer to build IOT devices. I went back to the online based Photon IDE where it handles alll the structure and version control behind the scenes. Turns out I had a silly error the first time I tried it:

Void loop(

Is a little retarded. The key when you have compile Errors is to hit the “raw” button to see the compile log. If you are not a C programmer it’s Greek but you can find dumb errors.