Blynk library with Particle Dev - header file confusion

Hi… I’m trying to use the Blynk library with the Particle Dev IDE. When I compile in the cloud I get an error “Blynk/BlynkApi.h: No such file or directory”.

Reading other support topics it wasn’t clear what the correct solution is.

I have copied the Blynk libraries into a folder within my project. So I now have this kind of layout:

                lots of header files here from blynk

I don’t want to just start modifying the blynk header files to hack at this. Can someone give me a clue?


[SOLUTION] New IDE requires a different layout for the source files and the new file contains info to tell the cloud compiler what libraries you are linking against. Use the new Browse and Manage Particle Libraries button on the IDE. Scroll to find Blynk and click to “add” it. Note that if you haven’t migrated to the new files layout, the IDE will want to do that for you.

Where did you copy the Blynk library from?

GitHub. Is there a source on the Particle site? Or a better source?

With the latest version of Dev, you can add libraries by clicking on the Library icon, searching for the library you want, click “use”, then “Add to current project”.

Ah, I see. That works fine. Didn’t know about the new files layout. I like it.