Adding NON particle libraries

I am trying to add the Blynk library to Particle… Version 0.5.3… You would think that the library (given the version number) would match what is on GitHub… It does not. It is missing several files in the particle version of the library. Why is that? Why is BlynkSimpleSIM800.h not included as an example? Further, when I follow the instructions for the folder structure in trying to add libraries to my project structure, it simply does not work. I am very frustrated with this particle IDE (desktop). An IDE should make it easy to add libraries. Visual Studio makes it easy, Arduino makes it easy. Why not Particle Dev? Why is it that I cannot simply add a library folder? Is there something that I am missing here? Or am I correct in thinking that Particle Dev does not easily support the addition of libraries…

One thing for Blynk specificly: The library was contributed via this repo
by someone affiliated to (IIRC), so it would be best to direct the specific questions to that person and maybe create a GitHub issue on the repo addressing your concerns.

In regards to the criticism of Desktop IDE: You can add library folders to your your project, you just need to add them in the correct spot.
If you use the Copy to current project feature …

… you’ll see that the library sources will be copied to the ./lib/blynk directory and will use that for the build.
Consequently you should be able to also manually add any other library sources as long you adhere to the correct folder structure - that’s not that different to how Arduino IDE does it, IMO.

I see that the Blynk library is there. But I was only using that as an example. I have other libraries that are not community libraries. I have followed the instructions on the required file structure and what I am noticing is that sometimes the library is seen by the IDE, and sometimes it is not. I was very frustrated at the time of writing my post. I apologize for being so gruff. I actually really love Particle in general. Thank you for your response.

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Have you got a link to one of the libraries that aren’t included correctly, to try out?

No, because I have fixed my issue, and I am not using that library any more. The dallas temperature library was also using OneWire, and if I recall correctly, the OneWire library was not being found even though it was there. I then removed the dallas temperature library and then went with the DS18 build into OneWire. Maybe the way I was doing something caused the issue? Anyway, everything is working perfectly fine now, so I am all good to go.