Installing blynk library version 3.7

Still new to most of this so sorry if it’s newbie stuff, but the guide was confusing to me. Can anyone help me with some guidance on adding the blynk library version 3.7 from github on to my particle electron. I use the Web ide but when I go to the libraries section of the particle build, the newest one that shows up is 3.5. I need 3.7 in order to get blynk to work now with their updates and I understand how to add the libraries from within particles web ide from searching but I don’t know how to get blynk library 3.7 from github to show up in particles web ide libraries. I hope that makes sense. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello am using Blynk with particle photon and they realesed new library version I download the zip file now how I can update my old one with new one thanks

Remove it from the app and add it again :slight_smile:

Lol and how you removed from the app and add it again brother

Should I use the particle Dev
Or in actuale IDE web site

What IDE are you using Dev or Build?
What version of Blynk lib are you currently using?
0.3.6 seems to be the most current version on Build, is this what you want to use?

For Build look at this

and adding it again would just work the same as adding it the first time :wink:

Hello sir thanks for respond
Am using build ide
And the Blynk version 0.3.5 the new release is 0.3.7 how I can update it I have the zip file how can I loaded

Reading the docs doesn’t actually hurt… Give this a shot :wink:

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@dannamo, @Slimfetz: I’ve pulled your two threads together since they deal with the same topic.

Updating contribted libraries can only be done by the original contributor (Blynk in this case).
But you can - as @Moors7 linked above - pull the required files of the repo into your project.