Issue with /v1/sims endpoint?

I am getting a 403 error and I cannot figure out why. From the docs:

What I’ve got:[valid active ICCID here]/status?access_token=[valid access token here]

I’ve used this same access token to hit other endpoints without any issues, and it is scoped to everything. The ICCID is copied straight from the console, and the device is not part of an org. I’ve tried Postman as a GET, just visiting via browser, cURL - nothing works.

It’s a pretty simple endpoint so for the life of me I cannot figure out what I’ve done wrong, so I’m hoping it’s small and dumb and someone can point it out to me!

Welcome @deroses, let us check on this and reply you.

Particle Technical Support

Maybe the token is just expired - can you still use it for anything else?

Or look it up with Particle CLI: particle token list

Is the SIM a product SIM? If so, you’d need to use the product endpoint instead of the user/developer SIM endpoint.

That was my thought at first but it is fully scoped and it can be used for any non-sim endpoint (it expires in December). Thanks though!

I think this is the right line of thinking! Even though I see the electron as a product I do not see the sim - so I am guessing that I transferred the device out of a different product line but did not (yet) transfer the sim. There’s a non-technical reason that finding it in that product line might take a bit, but I’m going to assume for now that is the reason. How confusing (but understandable) that the product and sim are not more closely paired.

Ok so even though, on the console, the product appeared as personal - the sim was still part of a different product on a different part of the console - so @rickkas7 was correct that I needed to track down the product endpoint/slug. That was easier than moving the sim for the time being.

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