Product SIM activation problem

Hi, I have just called an API for activating my SIM which are already inside of a product called “product-22” . But when i try to do that it is not activated. Though the response is with ok : true

POST /v1/products/product-22/sims
Content-Type: application/json

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

I am using Unirest library for calling Particle Cloud REST API. I am going exactly like in the cloud API reference :



Let me ping someone that might be able to help you. @peekay123 have you had any experience with this library?


How do you determine that is it not activated?

I checked that inside of Product > SIM page also i checked on the api for showing list of sims for this product and it does not have its status property as “active” instead it has “inactive_user_deactivated”.

However if i activate from Product > SIM page then it gets activated.

Please ! can anybody help on this ? @KyleG

Pinging @rickkas7


@peekay123 Has there been any progress on this api endpoint ?

I have pinged someone on my side to see if I can get you some assistance.

Hey @privatejava,

Jeff here, a product manager at Particle. Sorry you’ve been running into some issues. One point of clarification that I want to make sure is understood is that the endpoint you are using (product SIM activation) is asynchronous: that is, it will return a 200 OK when the action has been successfully queued up for processing not when the activation action has happened.

The product owner (the Particle user who created the product) should receive an email when the job has completed, with a summary of the changes. Specifically, this email includes info about which SIMs were successfully activated, and which failed activation. For failed activation attempts, there is a reason for failure included.

Does this help? Basically, what I am trying to convey is that the activation of the SIMs you pass to the endpoints won’t be instantaneous. If you are getting the 200 from the API and never getting the confirmation email, let me know and I can look into this further. You can send me in a DM:

  • Your Particle username
  • Your product ID / name
  • The SIM ICCIDs you attempted to activate



Hi @jeiden
Thanks for the reply. Actually I am trying to make the activation of SIM from our end using our tool programatically . We actually do not want to make activation one by one for a list of 100 devices. How can we achieve this ? Since the email notification is somehow good but not for enterprise version. Could you please suggest me the best option from particle Cloud API. ?