Issue with core network dying

I have 5 cores. Two with chip antenna, three with ufl.
I don’t have the ufl antennas yet, so I am using the cores with chip antennas right now.

The issue is: on one of the cores, I get the breathing cyan led … Then after a few hours (random time, but not immediate) the led goes to flashing cyan.
Requests from spark cloud then return “timeout”. If I reset the core (one of the buttons), it reboots, and goes back to breathing state. At that point the core seems normal, but will eventually go into the fail mode.

I’ve tried holding down both buttons for ten seconds to do a “factory reset” (is that correct?) however it just reboots and goes to breathing state, then fails later.

The second core I setup does not have this problem. (So it appears; it has been running for about 12 hours now.)
(However core #2 was not setup using the iPhone app.)

Core #1

  • came with the “maker kit”
  • was setup with the iPhone app
  • I loaded a simple program to flash LEDs on D0 and D1, but have since removed that program (afaik)

Core #2

  • came in its own box
  • was setup using USB serial (I couldn’t get the iPhone app to find it)
  • have not loaded any programs (just using the read,write APIs).

Any thoughts on core #1 ?
Is it possible the firmware didn’t update with the iPhone app?
How would,I go about verifying / troubleshooting?



@jeffcrilly Could you confirm if using the same approach as with Core #2 on Core #1 resolves the issue?
Sometimes when the Core drops a connection, which it might from time to time, depending on WiFi/ Cloud reliability, it should be able to connect on its own.

We have had issues with the Core being unable to update via the iPhone app. One way to resolve this was to factory reset the core, connect to WiFi and then Reflash Tinker using the iPhone app.

@jeffcrilly: No, not quite: states:
[…] factory reset. Hold down both buttons, then release the RST button, while holding down the MODE button. The LED should begin flashing yellow. Continue holding down the MODE button until you see the Core change from flashing yellow to flashing white. Then release the button. The Core should begin flashing blue after the factory reset is complete.

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I did the reset and setup the core on USB and it seemed to fix the issue. Both cores ran for like 12hours without problem. The UFL antennas came today, so I’ll be firing up a couple more cores.