Is the deep_update_2014_06 still necessary?

In the cli docs is the following statement:

Any core shipped before Summer 2014 would benefit from having this update applied at least once. It improves the core’s performance on very busy networks, and helps fix other minor issues. This update now ships with the cli so you can apply it to cores that are unable to get online otherwise.

Is this necessary for all cores shipped before ? or just if there are issues getting online?

I would say it’s not a hard and fast rule to update if you are not encountering any issues so far :slight_smile:

Hi @slzatz,

We haven’t yet deployed deep_update to the Community, but we’re planning to release it soon as part of a major update initiative. If your core is behaving fine for you, don’t worry about it. The update provides extra stability for older cores shipped before this latest patch was available. The deep_update version in the CLI might be updated again before we release it. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the helpful replies and will just stay tuned for future updates.

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