Can't get a core to accept the Deep Update

I’ve gotten most of my small fleet of Spark Cores updated and ready to go, but one stubborn unit refuses to take the deep update.

I can still flash code to it via the web IDE, but after running the update, it goes back to running whatever I had flashed to it earlier rather than running Tinker, and the IDE still shows the core as needing to be updated. At no point during the update process do I see the LED flash yellow/orange to indicate that the update is being applied.

Any advice on how to get this working would be appreciated.


I forgot to mention that a factory reset did not solve the issue either.

Hi @twalsh,

Generally the deep_update firmware knows to not apply the patch if it’s not needed. If you want to force update the CC3000 anyway, you can do it with the CLI, make sure you’ve updated the CLI to the latest version, and then attach your core in DFU mode, and run:

spark flash --factory tinker
spark flash --usb cc3000

#wait for the update to finish and flash yellow again
spark flash --usb tinker


Thanks David. It’s one of the older white cores, and the build page kept listing it as needing the update.

Anyway, it still showed up as needing the update after following the DFU instructions, but oddly enough after that running the update from the build page worked fine.


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