Spark core doesnt ask for deep update

spark core doesn’t ask for deep update
I cant reply to my last post as forum in read only mode.

I have the original kickstarter white cores, with old (original 0.2.3) firmware and wifi that often drops out despite good signal strength.

@kiwibird1, can you post your core ids?

@jgoggins, can you help him to flag the core for deep update? :slight_smile:

I have two cores, but only one online

Not sure if this is the same problem I had, but flashing the latest version of Tinker made mine show up as needing an update.
I have 3 white cores. I had been using 2 of them and updated them through the IDE. The third one I had never even powered up, but I wanted to go ahead and update it. I claimed it and it showed up in the IDE, but it did not give me the update button. I flashed the latest Tinker to it from my phone so I could see what patch version it was running, and after I did that, the update button showed up.

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Good point @Ih57452! But tinker can only be flashed using spark-cli and mobile app (I think)

and local build environment (not local cloud).

you can get the deep update over usb using dfu_util:

My point is, to reflash tinker app in order to trigger deep_update is more cumbersome than just flagging the core in the database.

I’m aware it can be done via DFU-util but not everyone installed it.

well yeah if someone at spark hq can do it and not get miffed at all the requests :wink:

interestingly my core is reporting v1.29 but i thought 1.28 was latest?


I’m also in 1.29 but I never patch the core.
Where this patch / version come from??

It’s 1.29 for the CC3000 firmware latest patch

Hey All,

I’m happy to flag your cores as needing an update if you want the deep_update experience. :slight_smile:

Just PM me your core id, and I’ll flag it.


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Hey I have a couple cores that need to be flagged!- @Dave can you PM me? My account it too new to send PMs.

Hi @Dave, I have a core that could do with the update (not showing up in the builder). Could you PM me so I can send you the core id?

Many thanks


Same here, many thanks !

@Dave’s off for the weekend so he’ll get back to you guys on Monday, sorry for the delay!

Hey Guys,

Your core won’t ask for a deep_update if it doesn’t need it! :slight_smile:

When you write code in the build IDE, your code is built using the latest firmware. That firmware reports the version of the patch on your CC3000 module, so when the build IDE detects that’s out of date, that’s when your core is flagged as needing an update, so it’s all very automatic. You can always re-apply the patch manually if you want, instructions are here:


What version should it show in the web ide ?

Mine shows this:
core-firmware e280c5
core-communication-lib aef1c7
core-common-lib 13427d

Is that the latest ?

Hi @nlecaude,

We’re actually about to update this again in a few minutes, so it’s about to change. I’ll post the new versions when we’re done.


Hi All,

We’ve updated the branches again, the versions are now:

core-firmware d3b610
core-communication-lib aef1c7
core-common-lib 3283e7


Seems like the makefile hasn’t been edited to have Serial2 or something?